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How Tesla will make billions out of a mistake? Tesla logo


You have probably heard of the cyber-truck presentation, if not have you been living under a rock? Don’t worry I will explain.


When Elon Musk presented the cyber-truck, he guaranteed it couldn’t be hit by a hammer and it wouldn’t break. Well when he tried throwing a steel ball on the supposedly unbreakable window, it cracked!

You would think this would be the end of his brand and his name, well obviously not as we all know his Tesla. This mistake gained millions of views on social media and well-known brands started making fun of his little experiment.

This massive awareness into Musk’s experiment lead to having presold 500,00 trucks. In total sales that is equivalent to $20 billion, clearly, he benefited from this little accident.

Even companies like Lego made a joke about this.

lego tesla truck

Tesla has a new vehicle. And a new PR disaster. At the launch of the Cyber-truck, Elon Musk asked his on-stage helper, Franz, to throw a metal sphere at the pick-up’s armoured glass to demonstrate the impregnability of the glazing. To Musk’s cringing embarrassment, the window smashed.

“Try the other?” Franz asked, brandishing another metal ball. No doubt praying for redemption, Musk nervously agreed. Smash. “Er… room for improvement,” was all he could muster in response. Musk then gamely went on with the rest of the show, with a broken Cyber-truck looming behind him, like a stubborn child refusing to show off for an overbearing parent’s dinner party guests.

Despite such a calamitous unveiling, much online cooing has greeted the Cyber-truck and its angular design. This is supposedly Tesla’s attempt to break into the popular pick-up truck market in the US, taking market share from established names such as Ford, GM and Dodge.

As far as the specs go, it’s all rather impressive: seating for six, unpainted stainless-steel body panels, autopilot, adaptive air suspension, over 40cm of ground clearance and (supposedly) armoured glass. As far as carrying stuff about, it can deal with a payload of over 1,500kg, and the top-spec version can tow a maximum of 6,350kg. The load bay at the rear, complete with a built-in sliding electric cover, is two metres long with more than 2,800 litres of space. Three versions will be available: a rear-drive single motor, dual motor and a new ‘tri-motor’ with two motors on the rear axle.

Do you think it was a mistake or on purpose? Comment down your opinions down below.