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An introduction to SEO / Search Engine Optimization?


Have you just started a new business, built a new website, or wondering why you are invisible online, why you are not receiving any orders, any bookings, or any sales?

If you have poor or non-existent SEO on your website, then this is probably the reason.

Googles definition of SEO,


“Search engine optimization is about helping search engines understand and present content.”


That is the ultimate goal for search engines like google, yahoo and Bing, to present the most relevant, and high-quality original content to the user. By using techniques to optimize your website, you are optimizing for your customers and the search engines.

SEO increases brand awareness and increases organic traffic to your site so that you attract quality customers who are interested in what products or services you have to offer.



  • On page SEO

This focuses on the optimization of the content on your website using specific keywords throughout the content to boost your ranking.

  • Technical SEO

This concentrates on the optimization of the framework of the website to see how the website is set up, which helps search engines index and crawl your pages without any issues.

  • Off page SEO

This centres around creating backlinks from another page back to your site, to show that you are trustworthy and also an authority on the subject. This will act as a positive recommendation for the website and then rank you higher in the search engine.


Here are 4 SEO tips that you can start applying to improve your google search ranking.



Use unique keywords, as using the same as your competitors will make it much harder to rank for. Google keyword planner, Moz, and spyfu are excellent resources to find variations of your keywords.

Don’t stuff keywords everywhere as the content that you will produce won’t make sense. Googles algorithm will discover keyword stuffing and this will have a negative effect on your ranking position. Use sparingly, for every 500-700 words use two of your keywords.


Mobile friendliness

Having your site mobile friendly is a serious factor as 63% of google searches come from mobile devices.

An important statistic from Adobe is that,


“Nearly 8 in 10 of consumers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device.”

Test your site on google search console to see if it is mobile friendly.



Write original quality content

Write unique content that people have not read before, content which is relevant and useful. Keep the language simple, and the layout easy to follow. This is an easy one but how many times have you come across a website that has many mistakes in it? Check your writing for grammatical, and spelling errors as your customers will not read further if you don’t check your work, what does that say about your business?


Keep informed with googles search engine optimization guidelines

Google has over 200 ranking factors and this was back in 2009! Take a look at their SEO starter guide for more information on Googles best SEO practices. Google constantly changes its algorithm so keep up to date with their SEO guidelines.


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