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A logo represents the face of the company that’s why it is most important branding investment when you’re starting up a new business. If people connect with your branding, the likelihood is that they will open up to whatever you are offering them. A logo design should not be too hard, instead it should be exciting and fascinating. Here at Yaseo, we have designed logos for different companies in a very innovating way. A logo should be simple, scale-able, which shows impact, versatile and most importantly relevant to your business practices. Here we are bringing few tips to ensure your logo seems professional and eye catching and which should hold a story in itself too.



Simple logos have a unique way of being imprinted in one’s memory and eye catching. What’s that one thing that Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonald’s have in common? Well, aside from being highly successful international corporations, all are highly identifiable and easy to remember.


It is very important to keep your business logo unique and distinctive as it could not confused with other company’s logo. It is wise to take an idea from other successful businesses but make sure you never mimic them as copycats as you will never be remembered. While designing your brand logo always keep it mind to avoid stock images from the internet as it would be highly risky as other companies might be using them.



Colour choosing is very important task while designing your logo. As your business grows this logo has to appear onto your other important elements like letterhead, business card, and landing pages. Colour nuance the message you want to convey about your business so its selection should be accordingly. You would be surprised to know what colours show:


Red – Excitement, Boldness, Hunger

Orange – Friendliness, Cheerfulness

Yellow – Optimism, Confidence

Green – Peace, Nurturing, Freshness

Blue – Calmness, Strength, Security

Purple – Imagination, Creativity

Black – Tradition, Sophistication, Authority


Determining the target audience is the key factor for increasing your sales throughout your business strategy and practices. It should be based on the demographic and psycho graphic information. Demographic information includes the gender, age, location, income, ethnic background etc. Whereas psycho graphic information covers all the information related to attitude, behaviour, lifestyle, hobbies and so on. It is suggested to design your logo in accordance with the age group of the potential audience of your product or service.


Your company’s Logo should be designed in such a way that it could tell people the name of the company and should also represent your business too. One of the many reasons behind many successful brands is its logo, like Nike represents the Greek goddess of victory whereas Swoosh reflects the speed and other qualities a shoes should have while wearing it. Your brand should give a clear picture of what you can do for your consumer. Ultimately it should be the symbol that would be in harmony with the graphic in order to optimise the brands first impression.