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Covid-19 daily #WFH routine.

Waking up on time is good for mental wellbeing, going for a jog or brisk walk in your local park (maintain social distancing), rather than exercising at home is better, the fresh air is good for your lungs.  After breakfast (my breakfast recommendations below, try cooking breakfast using organic or fresh produce) try doing some reading to relax the mind. Mix this up with listening to some music & watching TV.

Between each meal do your work on your pc. Keep your back straight at all times & try to work same posture as you would at the Office i.e. try not using your tablet or netbook on the sofa. Try to socialise with family & friends via online platforms such as Skype by video-calling.


Monday – eggs, spinach, other greens of your choice, bell peppers, cooked in olive oil or cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. Couple of pieces of toast.

Tuesday – Bowl of oats/Porridge with a few mixed nuts.

Wednesday – Steam vegetables. Arrange your slowest cooking vegetables in the bottom basket, working up to the quickest.

Another time saver is to get your densest, slowest cooking vegetables started in in the bottom tray, while you prep the quicker cooking vegetables for the mid and top baskets. Place the lid on whatever basket is on top at the time. Some people line their steamers with cabbage leaves or parchment. I don’t bother, placing the vegetables directly on the steamer instead. I like how it seems to keep the steam circulating. A quick scrub with hot water and the rough side of a sponge makes clean-up simple. You can use a wok (steamer sits above the simmering water) or wide skillet (I set the steamer directly in a shallow skillet of simmering water).

A wok is more traditional, and easier on your steamer, but both techniques work well.

Thursday – Bowl of cereal with some fruit.

Keep rotating for whole week up to Sunday.

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