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Stand out from the crowd

You aren’t just your job. You’re a combination of everything that makes you unique, your style, your goals, your personality, the things that set you apart. The same is true for your brand. It’s not just your name and logo or the products you sell, it’s the story of your business, your ethos, your visual style, the way you communicate with customers.

One stop shop

This is what makes branding so valuable, as well as enhancing your authority, drawing in prospective employees and customers, and making your marketing drastically more effective. At Yaseo, we offer branding services that will establish a visual style and brand identity, helping your business make a name for itself.

Branding On Your Terms

As an independent business, your brand and products matter to you in a way that is no doubt deeply personal. This is why we want to work with you, we aren’t setting out to change the essence of who you are. We want to find a way to help you communicate that identity in clear and innovative terms.

Build The Story Of Your Business

When it comes to marketing and branding, the power of narrative sells. Stories are not just easy for your audience to relate to, they help to build brand identity. Whether it’s an anecdotal piece of content, or a coherent and powerful mission statement, crafting the stories behind your business will lend your marketing a powerful impact.


In order for your branding to have an impact, the design needs to be both creative, with visual flair, and reflective of your brand’s identity and personality. We can provide you with ample resources and guidance to craft the perfect design elements for your brand.

Your Very Own Comprehensive Style Guide

Style Guides aren’t just for large multinational businesses, they’re tremendous resources for independent businesses looking to make the most of their branding opportunities. A style guide will able you to develop a cohesive visual identity for your brand, something you can use for all your marketing materials and communication needs.

Rock Star Brand Style

Branding starts with a logo, but it goes beyond that to so much more. The goal of branding should be to use visuals to communicate a sense of identity and style to your customers, one that reflects your business.

This is why our startup branding package gives you a complete style guide and cohesive visual identity, one that goes above and beyond that used by most companies. Our startup branding package includes the following elements;

• Logo
• Brand Colours
• Business Style Guide
• Full Vector Design File Package
• Email Signature Design
• Branded PowerPoint Template

Your Brand Your Style

Our branded package gives small and independent businesses the developed and cohesive strategy of a much larger firm. With a visual brand identity, your marketing will be cohesive, and impactful, and customers will receive a strong and consistent message about who you are as a company.

The package is designed to be comprehensive and detailed, making sure it’s easy to implement over both the long and short term periods. With answers for any future troubleshooting issues, such as knowing what colour code your logo is made up of or what file is required for printing.

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