Content Planning Tools for Marketing Success

26 March

What does content planning exactly mean and how is this useful for businesses in the digital environment?

Back to basics: content planning is taking time to research and essentially ‘plan’ the type of content your business chooses to share with its audiences. This can be done through various avenues such as writing blogs or posting on social media which can take out a lot of time when having to do this regularly.

So, this blog addresses some useful tools for content plan which is not only efficient but can ultimately improve your marketing strategies and techniques.

Content Planning

As mentioned previously, businesses need to plan out their content which can be done through traditional methods, say in a notebook or on your notes app. However, there are more effective and efficient project managing tools that are typically free to use or cost very little each month. One good example is Trello which can be used as a content calendar, this allows businesses to simply organise ideas, assign tasks and deadlines, and evaluate progress. Alternatively, Asana is a great tool which also assigns tasks but then sends these tasks to team members for businesses. This is particularly useful for those busy periods and allows businesses to visualise their content schedule.

Content Strategy Agency

Content planning has been mentioned, but there is also a content strategy which is simply creating a clear vision for the content goals your business wishes to achieve. This paired with a content plan can be highly effective as it not only covers the vision basis but also the planning. A content strategy agency is a great tool to implement as it increases the chance of successful content which drives traffic and revenue for the businesses (which is all any company wants).

Writing and Collaboration

Even though content planning and content strategy agencies are important, collaboration on these plans is even more important when having to juggle new ideas or feedback. We are sure everyone who is engrossed in the digital realm is aware of Google Docs but are you using it? If not, this is your sign to implement this tool as it is an excellent free platform which allows multiple users to edit documents, or content plans in this instance, and provide feedback.

Performance Tracking

Now before you go off and implement these tools in your content plan it is important to address that to truly see progress and improvements, businesses need to track the performance of these plans. This can be done by using tools like Google Analytics which allows businesses to track marketing success by content planning. Or if businesses want to do it the old-fashioned way, they can choose to track the performance after a month or a few months, depending on what is realistic for your brand, and evaluate the results from the existing plans. This does take time so we would suggest using tools to save time like we have mentioned.


If you are a new business or are adapting to the digital environment where content planning is a new technique for you then don’t be hard on yourself. It is a learning curve but if you feel you need help then at Yaseo Digital Marketing we can help you achieve your marketing goals with content planning.