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Business Website Do’s & Don’ts

We know how important your business website is and this is why we prepared a guide on things to do and things to avoid. Please keep in mind that there is plenty that goes into a business website and this list is not exhaustive. Let’s touch on a few key things to...

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Digital Marketing & Consumer Influence

Today we will discover some of the ways digital marketing can influence consumers. As you can imagine there are various ways that digital marketing can influence us and our decisions. Let’s see what they are: Digital Marketing - Connecting People By definition,...

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Social Media Marketing Tips

Today we are discussing social media marketing and the vital impact it can have on your business. At Yaseo we all want you to succeed and to achieve that, we compiled some useful tips to implement in your digital strategy. In case you don’t already have a plan, we can...

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3 Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Today we are exploring the world of search engine optimisation! We have prepared for you some key tips to help you expand your business and take your website to another level. As a business owner, you are doing everything in your power to achieve better results in...

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Marketing Budget 101

Hungry for more sales? Then it’s time to think about your marketing budget.   But first, what is a marketing budget exactly? It is the total amount of money a company intends to spend on any marketing related projects (annually or quarterly, depending on how you look...

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